Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Hi, everyone! How have you all been?! I am so sorry for my hiatus. I started a full time job, and I am still doing summer classes, and boy is it busy! I am SO excited to be back and sharing an awesome product with you all, though! I was lucky enough to get to try out Smile Brilliant over the past few weeks, and I can definitely say, I am obsessed! Over the past few years, I have actually considered getting my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist, so when Smile Brilliant reached out and offered to send me a teeth whitening kit that is as effective as professional teeth whitening at a dentist, yet you can stay in the comfort of you own home, you can bet I was excited.

One of my favorite parts is that you get to make your own custom-fitted trays right at home! When you first receive your kit you will get the trays, and make your impressions, which is super quick, and actually quite fun! You will then send your impressions back to Smile Brilliant and about a week later, your personal trays will arrive at your house. I honestly could not believe how well my trays fit my teeth when they arrived. When I put them in, it did not even look like I had anything on!

After receiving your trays, you can start whitening, woohoo! You want to put an even layer of the teeth whitening gel in your trays to make sure your teeth are coated. I would leave my trays in for about 45-60 minutes each time, and I whiten about 5 times a week.

To be honest, I was quite nervous to begin whitening at first because of how sensitive my teeth get. That being said, the desensitizing gel works INCREDIBLY. After whitening I would use the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes, and I would have absolutely no tooth sensitivity, which was a huge plus!

Now, for the best part, the results! I am so happy with the results of using Smile Brilliant. I cannot believe how white my teeth got in such a short period of time, and everyone was able to see the difference!




To make things even better, there is a giveaway that you can enter HERE. Make sure to your name and email address on the giveaway page in order to enter! The winner will receive a $139 dollar credit to use towards their very own teeth whitening kit! The giveaway is open to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia!

For those who do not win, but would still love to try out your very own at-home teeth whitening kit, you can use the code laceandflannels to receive 10% off your kit!

Good luck, everyone!

Mere Xo


Home Teeth Whitening

Current Favorites: Peplum Tops & Slides

Hi, everyone! Wow, it feels like it has been forever since I last posted! I am sorry for such a delay, but life has been crazy with work and school. I will try not to go so long without posting again…oops! I will be giving my blog a total facelift in the near future though, so I may be gone for a little while at that time as well.

Anyway, today I am so excited to talk about my current spring/summer favorites, which are peplum shirts and slide on shoes. You guys, I cannot even begin to explain how many peplum tops I have bought in the last month…it may be a problem, haha. I have been obsessed with this one lately, and I think i’ve worn it at least once every week since I bought it! I loved pairing this top with white pants because it really makes the color pop. Once the weather starts to warm up, I will be upgrading the pants to shorts, of course. Another one of my current faves is any slide on shoes. They are just so easy to wear, and to style. Not to mention, they come in so many different styles and colors. I’d love to know what your current faves are so that I can add things to my wardrobe, so let me know in the comments!

Top | Shoes | Very similar jeans

Spring Sweaters

Hi, everyone and happy Friday! Today, I want to talk all about this amazing sweater I got from Urban Outfitters on sale for $9.99 the other day. Yes, you read that correctly, it was only $9.99!! I am such a sweater gal, and I will wear them all year long any chance I get. There is seriously nothing better than a cozy sweater. This one is basically like wearing a blanket. I always love having sweaters on hand in the spring/summer because nights can get pretty chilly, and its so easy to just pop a sweater over whatever you are wearing.

One of the main reasons I loved this sweater is because of how low cut it is. It still shows the shirt underneath, which is one of my favorite features. Also, remember when I said my tank was super versatile in my last post? Well, here is further proof! It seriously goes with everything. For today’s outfit I stuck with some black denim jeans because we have unfortunately been having a cold streak. However, I did wear this sweater/tank combo with black and blue denim shorts, and I love that look just as much. I added my favorite block heels, and new necklace set, and called it a day. This outfit is SO comfortable and casual, yet looks put together. Those are definitely my favorite kinds of outfits!

Similar Sweater | TankJeans | Similar Sandals

Versatile tops

Hi, everyone! How is your Wednesday so far? How many of you are finishing up school soon?! The weather has been warming up so quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have already been breaking out all of my shorts. I took a “quick” trip to the mall the other day, and had a bit of a hard time leaving without buying any of the new, adorable spring/summer clothes. So, that being said, I ended up buying way too much, haha.

One of my first purchases was these shorts. I fell in love with the color, as I love anything mauve/pink. I really liked the lace up detail in the front as well, and I think it makes the shorts a bit more “dressy.” Also, I have to apologize for the major wrinkles in them *sigh*. My seatbelt seriously did some damage on our way to the place I take pictures, haha! I also purchased this ivory top, which I have to admit, is probably going to be my favorite purchase for the spring/summer. This top goes with EVERYTHING and can so easily be dressed up or dressed down. I can definitely say I’m obsessed.

Another purchase was my necklace and ring sets. If you guys follow a lot of bloggers, I am sure you have seen a few wearing a necklace set that looks a lot like this one. I found so many that were all over $100 dollars, so when I found the set I am wearing at Forever 21 for only $5.90 I was shocked!! I will also be wearing this necklace set 24/7, and I am so excited about it. My other purchase was these rose gold mirrored sunglasses. Ok, I already have almost the exact pair in silver, but I am just way too obsessed with anything gold right now to not buy them…oops! I have so many more looks to come this week, and next, with all of the new clothes I bought, so stay tuned!

Mere Xo

Satin Tank | ShortsSunglasses |

Floral Maxi Dress

You know summer is just around the corner when I start breaking out the maxi dresses. They are one of my favorite things to wear in the summer because they are just so comfortable and lightweight. I fell in love with the floral print and ruffles on this dress as they make this dress a little different compared to other maxi dresses. This dress could be worn on a night out, or just during the day. It really is so versatile! I love pairing it with my block heels and a small cross body for the perfect spring/summer day look.

Similar Dress #1 | Similar Dress #2 | Similar Dress #3 | Similar Dress #4 | Similar  Sandals | Similar Bag

Chambray off the shoulder top

Who is counting down to summer?! I know I am *insert hand raising emoji*. No matter what time of the year it is, gingham is always one of my favorites. When I saw that this top had combined three of loves; gingham, ruffles, and off the shoulder, I knew I had to have it. I think this top goes really well with any black bottoms, but it would also look great with a darker shade of denim jeans. I think wearing it with black just really makes the color pop, and allows the shirt to stand out. I really wanted to incorporate some browns/tans into this look as well so I chose to wear my go-to leopard print cross body and my new beige block heels. This top would also look great with white jeans as well, and I know I will be wearing that combo soon! I hope you all have a great Monday, and thanks so much for reading!

Mere Xo

Similar Top | Shorts | Similar Sandals

Floral Tank & Bright Sandals

Well, I am back with more floral print. Now that the weather has been really warming up lately, I am all about floral and bright colors again. I just think they are so perfect for the spring/summer! I fell in love with this top the other day at Old Navy, because I have been wanting to add some blue pieces to my wardrobe. The best part is that this top is now on sale for only $12!! I loved how the bright pink flowers really stood out on the top, and I wanted to focus the rest of my look around those. Luckily, right next to the top were the bright pink/coral sandals that I purchased as well. I loved how the sandals and the flowers matched and tied in together really nicely. To keep the theme, I also wore one of my favorite NYX matte lip creams in the shade Ibiza. I don’t know about you guys, but I love being able to style a whole look around a certain color!

Another way I have been wearing this top is with shorts, and some beige block heels as well. If you really wanted to keep the theme of bright colors alive, you could also wear some coral shorts, which I think would be so cute. I will link a pair I think would go below. How do you all feel about bright colors? Do you love them, or find them intimidating? I didn’t really start loving them until just a few years ago! Let me know your thoughts!

Mere Xo

Top | Jeans | Similar Color Sandals | Similar Size Bag | Lipstick

Cut Out Tops

Good morning, everyone! I hope your Wednesday has been great so far. Have you all been enjoying this amazing weather?! I know I have.

For today’s post, I want to talk about this adorable cut out top I purchased a few weeks back. I have been wearing this top so much lately and it goes perfectly with jeans, shorts and skirts. I think it looks amazing with denim so that is what I tend to pair to with it. I am loving the cut out detail because it really helps to give the top an extra edge that it otherwise wouldn’t have had. The top was originally somewhat long and flowy, but I prefer this top to be a bit tighter, so I tied the bottom of it up so that it would fit just above my pants. I am a firm believer in making the most out of your clothes, so if there are any baggy shirts you have that you’re not in love with anymore, you can totally recreate the top simply by tying it up in a knot at the bottom. Something about this top just made me want to wear heels, so I wore these awesome Stuart Weitzman dupes that I purchased from Marshalls for less than $30. Let me know what you think about this top!

Mere Xo

Similar Top in Black | Very Similar Boots | Jeans

Back to basics: neutrals

When in doubt, neutral it out, right? I know neutrals tend to be more fall-ish, but I can’t help the obsession I have had with them lately, from my makeup to my outfits, they have just been a go-to. I found this bodysuit at Marshalls for under $15 the other week, and I knew it would be a great purchase, because I always think it is convenient to have a few basic pieces in your wardrobe that you can really wear with anything. There are so versatile, and although they may seem a bit “boring” there are so many ways to wear them, and dress them up as you please.

Today, I went for a more casual look like usual, haha. You could really wear this look anywhere, and like always, I dressed it up just a bit by adding some heeled sandals. The thing I love most about these sandals is that they are more of a block heel and they aren’t too high, which makes them the perfect shoe for an everyday outfit. Not to mention, they are super comfy! If you wanted to turn this outfit into more of a “night out” look, I think wearing a dark brown, faux suede skirt would be so cute! So, I would have to say, some of my current essentials are definitely neutral, basic pieces that really work well with so many different looks, and get you the most bang for you buck! What are some of your current wardrobe essentials?

Mere Xo

Similar Bodysuit | Similar Shoes #1Similar Shoes #2 | Similar Bag | Jeans | Bracelets

Pink Babydoll Top

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We have officially made it halfway through this week, phew! This has been a long week for me so far, and I am so looking forward to the weekend! It’s going to be 62 degrees where I live in New England, and thats basically summer for us, so I’m a bit excited.

Last week, my mom and I decided to do some shopping at Marshalls (no surprise there) and I picked up this adorable babydoll top while I was there. The best part was that it was only $10, yes $10!! I couldn’t believe the price and it is the most comfortable material, which makes it ever better. I love this top because I think its such a great transition piece for spring. While it may be long sleeve, it is so light and flowy, so it is great for chilly days, or warmer days. I think this look would be adorable with some denim shorts and cute sandals as well. If you wanted to brighten up this look, this top would pair so well with some white jeans, that way, the boots would stand out even more as well. I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of my pink obsession lately! I promise my post on friday isn’t floral or pink, haha! What has been some of your favorite transition pieces to wear with the weather warming up?

Mere Xo

Similar top #1Similar top #2 | Similar boots | Similar Bag | Jeans