Kyshadows Review




Order Process & Shipping:

So, I must admit, I was actually quite impressed with myself for getting a Kyshadows palette on the first day they launched. I had never ordered anything from Kylie Cosmetics before and I have to say, I was actually quite anxious. I did not know what to expect, but after talking to a few people, I was instructed to try and get on exactly at 6 o’clock (eastern time). It was surprisingly VERY easy, and I was able to get on the website right away. I have honestly never clicked on something so fast in my life, haha. The second I saw the palette I added it to my cart, and did not have to wait on the loading page for more than a couple seconds. I know, I was pretty shocked too at how easy my order was. The total for the palette was $50.95. The palette was $42.00, and shipping was $8.95, which I honestly found to be a little high. I received the confirmation email right away, and was told to keep an eye out for the shipping email, which I got a few days later. I purchased the palette on June 26th, and it arrived at my house on June 30th, so everything was very quick, which I was really happy with. Overall, I would say that the order and shipping process was great!


The Kyshadow palette will come in a black box, which has the signature paint drips on the inside with Kylie’s name. There is also a card with her eyes on it which wink when you move it back and forth, and on the back is a note. I thought adding the card was a very unique touch. Similar to the card, the box that the palette comes in has the same image. The palette itself also has her eyes with drip marks which represent the different shades of the shadows. The design is very different, and allows the packaging to stand out from different palettes. The only negative thing is that the palette does not come with a mirror. I personally think the area that says Kylie on the inside of the palette would have been a great spot for a big mirror, so hopefully she will add one in the future!

The Shadows:






(left to right: Goldstone without Mac Fix Plus, Goldstone with Mac Fix Plus, Quartz without Mac Fix Plus, Quartz with Mac Fix Plus.)




So, as I’m sure you can tell, the colors are great for an everyday look, which is exactly what I love. I bought the palette knowing that the colors were very nuetral because that is what I am most comfortable with. I heard a lot of people saying they would not buy the palette because the colors were too basic, but for someone like me, the colors are a dream in nuetral heaven, haha. Overall, I’m happy with the shadows. They are easily to blend, and most are pretty pigmented. I say most because unfortunately the metallic shades were not really that great. I do have to say Quartz was a lot more pigmented than Goldstone. That being said, Quartz may have just stood out on my skin better because I am quite tan. On someone who is more pale, Goldstone may show up better. However, even after using Mac Fix + I still wasn’t too happy with them. Although I wasn’t that impressed with the metallic shades in the palette, the matte shades were much better. They were easy to blend and pretty pigmented. My favorite color in the palette is definitely Citrine because it is such a gorgeous orange color, and it is very highly pigmented! Also, I do need to mention the shade Jasper is incredible. Whenever I use a white shade from any palette I find that I need to keep layering it to make it show up, but I just needed to use Jasper once and it showed up right away, which I was extremely happy about. Overall, I would say the shadows are good. I can’t say they blew me away, but I can’t really say anything bad about them either!

The best dupe:


(Sorry for my messy Morphe palette, haha!)



(Side by side swatch comparisons of the Kyshadows and Morphe 35O shadows)

So, for those of you who don’t want to pay $50.95 for the palette, I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Morphe 35O palette. The colors are extremely similar, and the quality is very similar as well. Plus you get a lot more shadows in the 35O. You can tell in the pictures above truly how similar the shadows are in the Kyshadows palette, and the 35O palette, so that is the reason I think it is such a great dupe, not to mention the 35O is only $22! To be honest, a lot of the colors in the 35O palette were actually more pigmented than the Kyshadows.

Final Thoughts:

I definitely don’t regret purchasing the Kyshadows palette because I can never have enough neutral shades. To be honest, I went into it knowing I probably wasn’t going to be blown away by the shadows, but I did expect good quality shadows, and that is what I got. Some things that I think would improve the palette a lot are adding a mirror and making the metallic shades more metallic. If you are like me, and want to purchase the palette simply to try out a Kylie Cosmetics product regardless of the price, then I would say go for it. Overall the shadows are good, and like I mentioned before, they are great for everyday makeup looks, and it is definitely going to make for a great fall palette! Also, the Kyshadows palette would be great for travel. However, if you are not someone who wants to spend $50.00, but love the shades in it, I would say your best bet is to purchase the Morphe 350 palette. Once again the shades and quality are VERY similar, and the Morphe 35O palette is more budget friendly. Lastly, if you already have the Morphe 35O palette like I did, then I would say just to stick with it due to the fact that most of the shades in the Kyshadow palette are in the 35O palette. I really do hope this post was helpful for you all, and made your decision a little easier! I wanted to be as honest as possible because $50.00 is certainly not cheap, and I want to be able to help all of you make a decision : ) If there is anything I forgot to mention, or if you have any other questions please feel free to ask me in a comment and I will be more than happy to help! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much for reading!

-Mere Xo