Burgundy & Boots








Each fall, I find myself falling (pun not intended) in love with a different color. Last year I was obsessed with black, which I still am; however, this year burgundy has been my go-to color throughout September and October. I have always thought it made for such a gorgeous lipstick color, but this fall I have been loving it for clothes as well. Personally, there is nothing more beautiful than the autumn leaves, and my favorite have always been the different variations of red, which is why I think I am head over heels for this color this year. I have also been loving cold shoulder tops, and they were a staple in my wardrobe over the summer as well. I think the cut out shoulders add such a unique touch, and make them easy to style for a casual look, or a more dressy look. Tj Maxx currently has so many adorable cold shoulder tops, which is where I got mine. I love pairing them with a choker because I think it helps to really pull the look together. I purchased mine from Forever 21. To finish off this outfit, I wore my newest pair of booties that I also purchased from Tj Maxx. I had been in search for the perfect pair, and when I saw the fringe on these, I couldn’t help but buy them. I also love the slight heel, as it helps short girls like me gain a little height, haha! What has been your favorite color for the fall?


9 thoughts on “Burgundy & Boots

  1. Chypimprose

    I totally agree with you with the whole red thing! I feel like it’s the only color that really defines fall! Your pictures are so beautiful! Maybe u can look at my blog as well and I’d be happy to exchange likes and follows


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