Striped Dress x Adidas









Hey, everyone! How has your week been? Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?! This week is flying by. With the weather surprisingly warming up lately, I have found myself wearing so many dresses, and to be honest, I don’t hate it. For so many years dresses were my worst enemy, as I just couldn’t get myself to like them, but I can tell that is all going to change this year. I already know dresses are going to be my go-to this spring/summer, and I’m actually super excited to pick out some new ones.

As it is still a little chilly, knit dresses have been perfect lately, and I’ve been loving this one so much! Honestly, I bought this dress a year ago and never wore it until now. I’m starting to think I was crazy for never wearing it because it is SO comfortable. I wanted to go for a really laid back/casual outfit for this look so I paired the dress with my favorite denim jacket (if you don’t own a denim jacket yet, get one. Now. haha) my multi print purse, and the finishing touch was my fave new Adidas sneakers that I swear magically match every outfit. They were such a great purchase, and I highly recommend investing in a pair. You will not be disappointed! Let me know what your most recent go-to clothing item has been!

Mere Xo

SneakersSimilar Dress #1 | Similar Dress #2 | Similar Jacket #1 |Similar Jacket #2 | Similar Purse

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