Versatile tops

Hi, everyone! How is your Wednesday so far? How many of you are finishing up school soon?! The weather has been warming up so quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have already been breaking out all of my shorts. I took a “quick” trip to the mall the other day, and had a bit of a hard time leaving without buying any of the new, adorable spring/summer clothes. So, that being said, I ended up buying way too much, haha.

One of my first purchases was these shorts. I fell in love with the color, as I love anything mauve/pink. I really liked the lace up detail in the front as well, and I think it makes the shorts a bit more “dressy.” Also, I have to apologize for the major wrinkles in them *sigh*. My seatbelt seriously did some damage on our way to the place I take pictures, haha! I also purchased this ivory top, which I have to admit, is probably going to be my favorite purchase for the spring/summer. This top goes with EVERYTHING and can so easily be dressed up or dressed down. I can definitely say I’m obsessed.

Another purchase was my necklace and ring sets. If you guys follow a lot of bloggers, I am sure you have seen a few wearing a necklace set that looks a lot like this one. I found so many that were all over $100 dollars, so when I found the set I am wearing at Forever 21 for only $5.90 I was shocked!! I will also be wearing this necklace set 24/7, and I am so excited about it. My other purchase was these rose gold mirrored sunglasses. Ok, I already have almost the exact pair in silver, but I am just way too obsessed with anything gold right now to not buy them…oops! I have so many more looks to come this week, and next, with all of the new clothes I bought, so stay tuned!

Mere Xo

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