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Hi, everyone! How have you all been?! I am so sorry for my hiatus. I started a full time job, and I am still doing summer classes, and boy is it busy! I am SO excited to be back and sharing an awesome product with you all, though! I was lucky enough to get to try out Smile Brilliant over the past few weeks, and I can definitely say, I am obsessed! Over the past few years, I have actually considered getting my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist, so when Smile Brilliant reached out and offered to send me a teeth whitening kit that is as effective as professional teeth whitening at a dentist, yet you can stay in the comfort of you own home, you can bet I was excited.

One of my favorite parts is that you get to make your own custom-fitted trays right at home! When you first receive your kit you will get the trays, and make your impressions, which is super quick, and actually quite fun! You will then send your impressions back to Smile Brilliant and about a week later, your personal trays will arrive at your house. I honestly could not believe how well my trays fit my teeth when they arrived. When I put them in, it did not even look like I had anything on!

After receiving your trays, you can start whitening, woohoo! You want to put an even layer of the teeth whitening gel in your trays to make sure your teeth are coated. I would leave my trays in for about 45-60 minutes each time, and I whiten about 5 times a week.

To be honest, I was quite nervous to begin whitening at first because of how sensitive my teeth get. That being said, the desensitizing gel works INCREDIBLY. After whitening I would use the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes, and I would have absolutely no tooth sensitivity, which was a huge plus!

Now, for the best part, the results! I am so happy with the results of using Smile Brilliant. I cannot believe how white my teeth got in such a short period of time, and everyone was able to see the difference!




To make things even better, there is a giveaway that you can enter HERE. Make sure to your name and email address on the giveaway page in order to enter! The winner will receive a $139 dollar credit to use towards their very own teeth whitening kit! The giveaway is open to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia!

For those who do not win, but would still love to try out your very own at-home teeth whitening kit, you can use the code laceandflannels to receive 10% off your kit!

Good luck, everyone!

Mere Xo


Home Teeth Whitening

Decorating for a birthday party














Hi, everyone! So I’m sure you can tell, but today I decided to post about something a little different. I usually don’t post about decorating, but it does happen to be something I LOVE doing, so I figured I would write about it and maybe give you guys some inspiration for your next party!

The other day was my mom’s birthday, and as we both love to decorate, it gave us the perfect excuse to go all out. My mom loves anything pink, sparkly, and girly, so we tried to incorporate all three into the “theme”. For the table cloth, my mom opted for a “greige” color with a lace runner. To add a pop of color, she chose pink napkins and silver decorative plates. Due to my love for silver, gold, and pink together, I found the most adorable party hats at Tj Maxx to add on top. I also found the Happy Birthday sign at Tj Maxx that I hung from the window behind our dinner table. To add a little more frill, I also hung up a ribbon garland that I made myself. You can actually see how I made it on my YouTube channel under DIY spring room decor. My mom received a ton of flowers, so we put them to good use and made them into gorgeous decorations to add to the table along with some silver and gold candle holders. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a birthday without dessert! I made some vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting and added them to this adorable pink and gold cupcake stand (also from Tj Maxx).

I have to say, I think this birthday was one for the books, and it was great to see my mom have such an awesome time. I hope you guys enjoyed this type of post, and let me know if you’d like to see more of these in the future!

Mere xo