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Hey, everyone! How has your week been? Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?! This week is flying by. With the weather surprisingly warming up lately, I have found myself wearing so many dresses, and to be honest, I don’t hate it. For so many years dresses were my worst enemy, as I just couldn’t get myself to like them, but I can tell that is all going to change this year. I already know dresses are going to be my go-to this spring/summer, and I’m actually super excited to pick out some new ones.

As it is still a little chilly, knit dresses have been perfect lately, and I’ve been loving this one so much! Honestly, I bought this dress a year ago and never wore it until now. I’m starting to think I was crazy for never wearing it because it is SO comfortable. I wanted to go for a really laid back/casual outfit for this look so I paired the dress with my favorite denim jacket (if you don’t own a denim jacket yet, get one. Now. haha) my multi print purse, and the finishing touch was my fave new Adidas sneakers that I swear magically match every outfit. They were such a great purchase, and I highly recommend investing in a pair. You will not be disappointed! Let me know what your most recent go-to clothing item has been!

Mere Xo

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Button Down Shirts & Over the knee boots









Hi, everyone! How is your Monday going so far? I finished my final essay for one of my classes last night, so I am celebrating today by relaxing all morning, woohoo! The other day was 61 degrees, which is VERY warm for this time of the year, so it was a perfect day to get outside and take some blog pictures, and boy did I take a lot!

For today’s outfit, I embraced the warm weather with a light button down shirt, which is probably one of the most comfortable tops I’ve ever worn. The fabric is so soft, it feels like I’m not even wearing anything. I also found these amazing high heel OTK boots at Marshalls on clearance the other day for under $30! What a steal, right?! Not to mention they look exactly like the Stuart Weitzman boots, and I didn’t have to break the bank to buy them. I wanted to go for a super casual spring look so I finished the look with a pair of denim skinny jeans and a multi print purse. I really loved how casual this look was, but the heels dress it up just a bit. I also think this look would be very cute with some adidas sneakers if you wanted to go for an even more casual look!

Mere Xo

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Denim Jackets & Sweater Dresses











Hi, everyone! I’m sorry for my absence lately. The weather here in New England has been pretty crazy, as it likes to dump as much snow on us as possible once February rolls around, haha. There were so many outfits I wanted to get up this week, but taking pictures in blizzard conditions wasn’t ideal. I can promise lots of outfits for next week, though!

Today, I wanted to show you my most recent go-to outfit. You know when you put an outfit together, and you end up liking it some much that you wear it for a few days straight? No? Just me? Well this is mine, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! I found these adorable OTK boots on clearance for under $30 at Marshalls the other day and immediately bought them. I knew right away I wanted to pair them with a sweater dress, and I always love navy blue and brown together. I especially love the lace up detailing on this dress! Because it’s still chilly out, I added a denim jacket. To finish the look I wore my favorite new hat (that I have been wearing with everything) and a super cute purse that I also got on clearance at Marshalls for $8! Are you guys as excited for spring as I am?! This outfit makes me so excited for warm weather. Which was your favorite piece out of this look? Thanks so much for reading!

Mere Xo

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A Trip To Mexico: Mexico Lookbook












Hi, everyone and happy Friday!! I am super excited to share my Mexico trip photos with you all, and I have to say, putting this post together really made me miss being there. It is always so hard to transition back into reality after a vacation. It’s especially hard when you come home to a snowstorm, haha!

To be honest, there were a lot more outfits I had brought with me, and really wanted to wear and post, but 4 days is just not enough time to wear all of the clothes I brought (sigh). I wanted to keep my looks super beachy, so I opted for a lot of floral prints or blue. I have to admit my dress from Shein, which is shown in the first picture, is definitely my favorite item I brought with me. It was so perfect to throw over a bathing suit, or wear to dinner. Another staple was my hat, of course. It went with almost everything I wore, and it kept my face out of the sun, which was definitely needed on the last day due to a bad burn! For those of you wondering, we stayed at the Paradisus in Cancun, and it was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone! I hope these pictures are able to bring you a little warmth on this freezing winter day! Which was your favorite outfit? Thanks so much for reading!

Mere xo

Dress #1 (same print but longer) | Fedora Hat | Sunglasses | Similar Hoodie | Sneakers | Similar Skinny JeansBlack Shorts | Same floral tank but in different color | Studded Sandals (A MUST-HAVE!)

Sweaters & Fedora Hats








Hi, everyone! I hope you are all having a great Wednesday so far! I just returned from Mexico last night, so I have to admit, I am pretty bummed to be back to snow but the trip was amazing and it was a great break from winter. Also, yes, that does  mean I have a fun Mexico blog post coming soon, which I am really looking forward to posting! I actually meant to post this outfit last Friday, but I forgot my laptop, and was unable to post since I had no service. I am sorry for the delayed post!

My outfit for today is still winter related but super cozy and great for an everyday look. I have been so crazy about knit sweaters this fall/winter. I honestly have started a collection of them, and they seem to be taking over my closet, haha! This burnt orange one is from Forever 21, and the material is so thick that it’s great for those extra cold winter days. As for my hat, I purchased this one at Target the other day for my trip, but I honestly have been wearing it all the time! I had been on the search for the perfect hat for the longest time, so I was so happy when I found this one. I honestly think a cute hat can make such a difference and really help transform an outfit, and make it look more complete. What is your favorite type of accessory to wear with outfits?! Thanks so much for reading!

Mere xo

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Chambray & Cardigans








Hi, everyone! Can you believe we are halfway through the week already?! Time is seriously flying by, but I can’t say I am sad because that means spring will be here so soon! Today’s look is totally inspired by spring, and yes, I did freeze while taking these pictures, but it was totally worth it because I cannot wait for spring outfits!

I purchased this adorable chambray shirt while I was up north, and I seriously love nothing more than chambray and white together. I went for more of an off-white cardigan because I didn’t want to much white-on-white action happening, haha! I was going to be walking around a lot this day, so I opted for some comfy flats (which I later changed because I thought my toes were going to fall off). I also wore my fave new bag I got from G.H Bass that I also purchased while I was up north. This bag is seriously a great dupe for the Chloe Hudson bag. You guys, what’s up with me finding great Chloe dupes lately?! You can see my previous post for a great dupe on the Chloe Faye bag too. Well, I hope you all have a great wednesday, and I will talk to you again on Friday. Thanks for reading!

Mere Xo

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Cold Shoulders









Hi, everyone! So, you may notice something a little different about these pictures, and yes, I am finally in public! I promised myself I would start taking blogging more seriously this year, and push myself, and my first step was to take pictures in public. For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from anxiety, so something as simple as taking pictures in public can turn into a huge deal for me, but I am glad to say I have finally overcome this, and I am SO excited to have different backgrounds in my pictures other than just my yard, haha! Let me know if you guys have the same fear too, and we can all get through it together!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, it’s time to talk about my outfit! For this “new beginning” I wanted to share an outfit that is very me, so very comfy and casual. I found this adorable cold shoulder sweater on sale at Forever 21 the other day, and I couldn’t help but buy it. I paired it with a pair of multicolor jeans. I purchased these at Target recently, and thought they were so unique with the darker wash knee details. For shoes I wore a pair of super cute espadrille sneakers. I decided to wrap up the look with even more pink and wear my faux suede bag from Missguided. This could also make for a really cute/super casual Valentine’s Day look as well! I hope you all have an awesome Monday!

Mere Xo

Jeans | Very similar sweater | Sneakers | Bag

Faux Fur Coat










Hello, everyone! I’m sorry for my lack of posts lately, my photographer, a.k.a my boyfriend (haha) had been sick all week, so we weren’t able to get any pictures done. I am now back and so happy to blog again!

I am SO excited to talk about this coat today. It is definitely my new favorite purchase, and I love how it makes an outfit look so much more put together. The faux fur keeps me so warm, and I am absolutely in love with the camel color. As someone who wears mostly neutrals, this coat will go with so much. The best part is that this coat is only $50! It’s super affordable, and if you’re not into the faux fur look, the good news is that you can take it off. I loved styling this coat with one of my favorite new sweaters (that was only $13!) and will also be on my blog soon!

My mom, aunt, grandma & I traveled up north yesterday to start a fantastic girls week, and this was the perfect casual/comfy travel outfit. I hope you all have an amazing monday!

Mere Xo

Coat | Jeans | Similar Booties


Styling a sweater dress









Hi, everyone! First things first, I changed my blog name! I made it a resolution of mine to take blogging a lot more seriously in 2017, and I decided to start by changing the name of my blog to something that really describes my style. I definitely have a girly side to me, hence the lace, but the other side of me gets so much style inspo from the 90’s, hence the flannels part. I hope you guys like it 🙂 I will also be changing the design of my blog very soon, yay!! Next, Happy Friday!! I hope you all have had a great week. I know the week after holidays can be rough, but we’ve made it through! My classes started again on Monday…sigh. 2018 really can’t come soon enough. I know a lot of people really love college and never want to finish, but boy am I ready to be done! Anyway, to ease my way back into reality, I decided to put together a super cozy look at the beginning of this week that made Monday just a little bit easier.

For those of you that don’t know, I am all about being comfortable, and I can promise you this is probably one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn, haha! I’ve posted about this sweater dress before, but I wanted to dress it up a bit more this time. For Christmas, my boyfriend got me this jacket from Missguided. You guys, this jacket honestly feels like a blanket, maybe even softer! The best part is that the fuzzy material is throughout the ENTIRE coat. I know, it’s amazing. It keeps you very warm, and it’s definitely a great choice for those of you who live in a colder state.

Ok, now let’s talk about the bag. How great of a dupe is it for one of the Chloe bags?! If you’re like me, and definitely cannot afford a real Chloe bag, this is an amazing alternative. It’s also from Missguided, and under $40!! I am so in love with the color, and as I do wear a lot of dark clothing, I think it adds such a girly touch. To finish off my look, I wore my favorite pair of OTK boots from Target. If you guys don’t have a pair of these yet, I highly recommend getting some because they go with SO MUCH.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and thanks so much for reading!


*UPDATE: My favorite over the knee boots are on sale for only $19.99!! Link is below!*

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Happy New Year!









Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve and were able to spend it with family and friends. My New Year’s Eve had a change of plans, as my boyfriend and I were invited to have dinner at a nice restaurant in our area pretty last minute. I have to admit, I was pretty excited though because I received a lot of great clothes for Christmas, and I was looking forward to wearing them.

I noticed a lot of people mistook my outfit for a dress, but the good new is that it is actually two separate pieces, so you can easily dress it down. I always think all black looks really chic, and black just so happens to be my favorite color, so I knew I wanted to pair this off the shoulder top with a black lace skirt. I actually asked for both items knowing I would wear them together eventually. Both pieces are SO comfortable, and could easily be worn with many different outfits.

I am so excited to see what new adventures await in 2017. What are you most excited about for this year?

Mere Xo

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